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Punjab Public Sen.Sec.School grabs little kids, nurtures, nourises, mends and mould these young minds into confident, all rounders ready to face the challenges of life. We don’t see education as a claustrophobic, soul-killing exercise that centers on classroom conditioning and stunts the creative instinct of the individual. Education at our School is a highly interactive, two-way process in which the teachers and the taught are fellow on an insatiable intellectual exploration of the world around them. Our educational tools are designed to help students think out of the box, learn through application,be practical and adopt holistic approaches when confronted with life’s puzzles. Teachers encourage the students to discuss everything freely,....

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Happy Birthday

    HARJASMIT KAUR CLASS: 5th Marigold DOB:03-10-2012

    RAMANPREET KAUR CLASS: 10th Daffodil DOB:03-10-2006

    HARSHIKA CLASS: Prep-1 Marigold DOB:03-10-2018
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Education is no longer a simple affair. The rapid development in the field of Science, Information Technology and other related spheres have thrown up challenges experienced never before. Consequently, we try to adopt new strategies...

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The great thinkers say “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” Teaching is a splendid profession because you are dealing with children and there is no other way to connect with them other than through the heart. It is only those who....

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Our objective is to educate the students under our care to cope with the challenges that come their way. Though parental influence is a major contributing factor in child’s education, the school and its teachers have the more difficult....

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